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More than 90% of the time, hearing aids can improve the hearing of those suffering from hearing loss. Are you experiencing problems hearing?

Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™

The Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™ is a FREE*, comprehensive 12-point test and is conducted by our Licensed and Board Certified Team of Professionals. They will determine whether or not hearing aids are right for you. If they are, we will help you find a customized hearing aid solution that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget, so you can improve your hearing experiences.

This hearing test includes:

  • Case history
  • Ear examination (otoscopic inspection)
  • Sound field speech test in quiet
  • Sound field speech test in noise
  • Pure tone threshold test air-conducted
  • Pure tone threshold test bone-conducted
  • Speech reception thresholds
  • Most comfortable speech level
  • Uncomfortable hearing levels
  • Speech discrimination levels
  • QuickSINTest (speech in noise ratio test)
  • Master hearing aid/Hearing aid demonstration

Call to book a FREE* Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™ today. You won’t believe the difference.

Why Beltone?

  • The most trusted brand for quality and service
  • Award-winning service and technology
  • Hearing aids to suit every lifestyle and budget
  • Accessibility: with over 30 locations in Nova Scotia, Beltone is in your neighbourhood and beyond. Watch our videos here. With over 1500 locations across North America, you can expect to receive the same level of service when travelling.
  • BelCare™ is included on all Beltone products at Beltone The Hearing Aid Centre locations (third-party exclusions apply).
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