Our Roots

Willy struggled to cope with his hearing loss in 1966. He could not hear the tiny voices of his great-grandchildren, who were living with him at the time. That was perhaps Willy’s biggest single disappointment.

Willy’s New Hearing Aid

Willy’s grandson, Bernie, refused to sit by and watch such a proud man accept defeat. Bernie searched for a solution. That search led him to the Beltone Hearing Aid company, the same people who invented the world’s first stand-alone hearing aid, the Monopac, in 1944. It worked for Willy, and he had his life back.

Hearing Restored

Each day Willy stuffed an amplifier the size of a deck of cards into his shirt pocket, ran the wires to the speakers in his ears and went about his business. He could hear again.

Bernie Goes into Business

After witnessing that small miracle, Bernie walked away from a successful business career and set out to help others. That is how Beltone came to Nova Scotia. A young man’s determination to help his grandfather has grown into a family business that helps thousands of Nova Scotians live life to the fullest every day.


Three years after Bernie opened that first Beltone office in Yarmouth, the company designed and fitted ear pieces for NASA’s astronauts. Still, Beltone was more about the Willys of Nova Scotia than Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong. Today, Bernie DeVeau’s children carry on the family tradition, making sure Beltone’s space-age technology is within the reach of every Nova Scotia family.

A True Family Venture

By 1985, those tiny voices Willy struggled to hear belonged to adults who had entered the family business. Two of his great-grandchildren, Bernie’s own kids, opened a small office on the Dartmouth Road near the Magazine Hill. They began serving people in Metro Halifax.

Multiple Locations in Nova Scotia

Beltone’s amazing advancements in hearing aid technology created a demand so strong that the small Bedford office was soon serving clients in Hants and Lunenburg Counties, as well. We are a rapidly growing business; Nova Scotia has multiple Beltone locations now. Despite the growth and expansion, however, our focus and commitment remain the same. We’re a family based business where every client receives the same quality of care that Willy did in 1966.

World Leader in Hearing Technology

Although Nova Scotia’s Beltone remains rooted in the family values of the 1960s, we continue our march toward better technology. Just as NASA moved from the Apollo capsule to the space shuttle, Beltone moved from analog to digital, from big to very small. Beltone remains an innovator and world leader in hearing aid technology. Stop in to see how Beltone can make a difference in your life.

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