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A visit to one of our many Beltone locations is like stopping by to see a family friend and with good reason. We are a family-based business of hearing care professionals. We are now three generations deep and our commitment and our family is still growing. Whether you stop by our web site, phone us or come in to see us in person, we want to know you are welcome. Bringing Nova Scotians the best care and service in the hearing health field is our family tradition. We’ve been doing it in this province since 1966 and we plan to stay around. Stop by and say hello to the friendliest most experienced team of professionals you’ll ever meet.

Denise DeVeau | BC, HIS

Denise DeVeau | BC, HIS

It’s fair to say I was born to be a hearing healthcare provider. My father brought Beltone to Nova Scotia to help my great grandfather Willy with his hearing loss.

That happened when I was a little girl not all that long before my father discovered that I had a hearing loss myself. As he explained the loss to me I remember feeling overwhelmed. I will never forget the fear. As a child I was a regular visitor to my father’s office and knew his clients.

I remember taking a keen interest in a woman with the same condition I have and noticed how she raised her voice when she removed her hearing aid for my father to service, almost yelling as she continued her conversation; and how she, like my great grandfather, had had wires running from her blouse to speakers in her ears. I believed life was unfair, how could I have such a handicap at such a young age. Now I see it for the gift it really is.

My loss has given me an intimate understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by every client I have worked with since I entered this rewarding field 25 five years ago. It is amazing to think it has been 25 years already. There have been so many rewarding moments packed into that time. I’ve been blessed to work with my husband by my side in our family business. Ten years ago my younger brother Peter joined us and brought with him a sense of joy and optimism that is contagious. The tradition grows deeper every day and I am happy to see my daughter here carrying it on now.

As thrilling as it is to work so close to the people I love every day, the biggest reward by far is in seeing a client come to us as overwhelmed and anxious as I was when I first learned of my hearing loss and then to see them gain relief and satisfaction as they experience the difference Beltone makes. I am committed to sharing more of those moments with new clients and new friends in the future.

Eldon LeBlanc | BC, HIS

Eldon LeBlanc | BC, HIS

I can’t recall a time when hearing loss wasn’t a part of my life. My sister was born with a congenital hearing loss in both ears, so it was simply a fact of life in our family. I had no idea then how big a part it would play in my life.

It’s funny how life can sometimes prepare you for things you don’t see coming. Even my early career in computer programming was a training ground for what I do here now. It wasn’t until I met my wife, Denise, that I saw the path clearly. She lives with hearing loss, and her family brought Beltone hearing aid products to Nova Scotia.

Fifteen years ago I left my career behind and joined my wife in what has become not just a job, but the most enjoyable and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Along with my training in computer programming, I studied electronics simply as a way to satisfy my need to understand how things work. Again, it was life preparing me for what I now do. As a board certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, I know the products we work with inside and out.

Just as life is a journey, so, too, is the science of hearing enhancement. That’s why we continue to study and update our skills as a team. With every new advancement, we upgrade to be sure we know how the changes will affect you. I am proud to say that that need to understand how things work allows us to offer in-house emergency repairs. It’s why we always know what is available today and what the Beltone technologists will offer tomorrow to make sure your quality of life does not suffer simply because you have hearing loss. Why should it?

My daily reward here is in seeing my clients through from assessment to satisfaction. Whether our help comes in the form of an assisted listening device, a top-of-the-line hearing aid or (in the case of our musician client’s custom-made earplugs) hearing protection, we’re here for you. Please stop by for a visit.

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